Join Our Team of Coaches and Facilitators

Team members are welcomed as independent contractors only.  They set their own schedules, secure their own clients and provide all services to those clients. Team members will receive up to 80% of the gross revenues that they generate as those revenues are received.
In return, team members will receive client leads, marketing support, performace support, workshop and coaching material templates, share in the servicing of national accounts, and other forms of support.
Contact Jon Fields for more information.

Effective Business Practices, LLC

While located in Wisconsin, we provide face-to-face services in the 48 states and 13 countries. 
Services are also available through various on-line and technology options.
   W5825 Carla Court
   Stoddard, Wisconsin  54658
  (608) 315-2123 or (715) 226-1582
   [email protected]